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a hotel dedicated to improvings the natural immune system of our guests

Relax in an extraordinary space engulfed in the rich nature of the area.
Enjoy our delicious cuisines prepared using local and fermented ingredients, while enjoying your time at the gym to check-up on your muscle development, body fat percentages, balance ability, etc.
HOTEL HAKURYUKO RESORT is an environment where guests can improve their natural immune system to prevent illness and stay healthy.


Improvement Project



Comfortable and relaxing guestrooms for all
Large stone baths made from
all-natural Iyo blue stones

All our guestrooms feature a view of the lake. We offer several types of comfortable rooms such as the 24 sqm Western-style twin, a detached 16 tatami mat-sized room, a retro Japanese-style 18 tatami-sized rooms, etc.
Please sit back and relax.
Although the large stone baths don’t feature natural hot spring water, guests can enjoy the same atmosphere of a traditional hot spring with our bath water that was made by heating groundwater, along with the natural Iyo blue stone and unique steamy atmosphere.

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Day Use

One-day plans

For various banquets or a break
from sightseeing

Whether be it New Year’s celebrations, wedding anniversaries, birthday parties or a meal after an important occasion, come and gather at our banquet hall or restaurant overlooking the lake.
Spend a relaxing time with the four seasons by the lakeside.
We also offer shuttle services. Please feel free to contact us.

About our
one-day plans


Accommodation plans

An inn of serenity,
where time passes slowly

We offer plans for you to spend time away from your normal routine, to enjoy dining and comfort, as well as to refresh and relax yourself.

About our accommodation plans



Dining while enjoying
the four seasons by the lakeside

Our in-house restaurant facing the lake. An open and spacious interior to enjoy the beautiful scenery.
Guests can enjoy a cuisine prepared from seasonal ingredients

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We look forward to your visit at Lake Hakuryu, in central Hiroshima

[By Car]
About 25 minutes from the Kochi IC on the Sanyo Expressway, or about 20 minutes from the Mihara-Kui IC.
About 20 minutes by car from Hiroshima Airport.

[By JR]
Get off at Kochi station on the Sanyo Main Line. About 8 minutes by taxi.


Tourist information

The four seasons together
with the blessings of nature...

There are numerous sightseeing spots that fully take advantage of the rich nature that surrounds this hotel. Perfect for relaxing and to refresh yourself.
In addition, since our hotel is located directly in the middle of Hiroshima prefecture, we receive many visitors who stay here as a base to sightsee the various sights in Miyajima, Kure, Takehara, Ookunoshima, Onomichi, etc.

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