The cuisine of our hotel is comprised of the ingredients nurtured in the rich nature of the mountains, valleys and fresh seafood, as well as the healthy fermented ingredients that improve the natural immune system of the body, all combined together in harmony by the skills of our professional chefs.
Please enjoy a delicious meal at our lakeside resort, where time passes slowly and silently.

Course meals

Reservations required, single guest orders are available

Seasonal Kaiseki Course

Enjoy this autumn bounty full of seasonal ingredients and wildly unique dishes!
The main dish is the herb-grilled pork spare ribs.

*Picture is from the autumn Kaiseki course.

*Menu details will change, depending on the season and the sourcing of the day.

¥7,000 (tax incl.)

seasonal kaiseki

Food is an example.

Reservations required, single guest orders are available

Special Kaiseki Course

Our delicious and healthy dishes that feature our carefully selected ingredients and fermented products.
Please also enjoy an “encounter” between the food of the mountains and the fresh catches of the sea.

¥7,000 (tax incl.)

special kaiseki

Reservations required, single guest orders are available

Celebration and anniversary course

Celebrate birthdays and anniversaries decorated with grilled Japanese beef over a lava plate and sushi.
You can even add a whole cake topped with a letter plate.

*¥2,000 to add lobster sashimi to this course.

¥7,000 (tax incl.)

Celebration kaiseki

Reservations required, single guest orders are available

The local Mihara specialty of octopus shabu-shabu hot pot and Japanese beef grilled over a lava plate

Please enjoy the fresh sweetness of the octopus and the juicy flavors of the beef.

¥7,000 (tax incl.)

Mihara specialty

Reservations required, single guest orders are available

Resort specialty Wild boar hot pot Kaiseki course

This wild boar hot pot uses the Golden Boar Pork sourced from Awaji island.
It features a sweet and deep flavor to its fat, but light and with no bitter aftertaste.

¥7,000 (tax incl.)

Kaiseki with button pot

*Course menus can be ordered starting at ¥5,000.
Please ask for more details.

Gozen and set meals

Sukiyaki and sashimi gozen meal

Meat is the best way to re-energize your health!
Combines Japanese Wagyu and a soy-based sauce to up your appetite!

rice, miso soup, pickles, small side dish and dessert

*Please note that we may require some time to serve this dish.

¥3,600 (tax incl.)

Tamatebako gozen set meal (limited to 20 servings)

Open this bento box for a surprise!
Delicious to eat
A gozen set meal to see and taste to enjoy

Comes with sashimi, tempura, stewed dishes, pickled dishes, seasonings, white rice, soup, dessert

¥2,300 (tax incl.)

Sashimi gozen set meal

You can enjoy fresh seafood while you view the mountains.

Comes with rice, miso soup, stewed dishes, small appetizer, steamed egg custard, dessert

¥2,200 (tax incl.)

Cooked fish collar gozen set meal

Our featured dish, cooked in our proprietary secret sauce

Comes with rice, miso soup, stewed dishes, small appetizer, steamed egg custard, dessert

¥1,900 (tax incl.)

Fried Tartar noodles gozen set meal

Uses soba noodles produced in the Oda district of Kouchi town, East Hiroshima city.Compared to normal soba noodles it is said to contain 100 times more “rutin,” a nutrient that is said to prevent arteriosclerosis and diabetes.

Comes with rice, soup, pickles

¥1,800 (tax incl.)

Fried Shinmei chicken Kara-age set meal

This dish uses Shinmei chicken, a Mihara-brand chicken that smells great with good texture and packed full of umami and flavor.

Comes with rice, soup, pickles, steamed egg custard, dessert

¥1,800 (tax incl.)

Pork fillet cutlet gozen set meal

Eating a freshly fried and hot fillet cutlet will make anybody happy.

Rice, soup, pickles, small appetizer, dessert

¥1,800 (tax incl.)

A la carte dishes

Tempura platter ¥1,750

Five-piece sashimi platter ¥1,550

Homemade bacon salad ¥1,440

Fried Tartar noodles ¥1,200

Cooked fish collar ¥1,200

Curry set
(comes with salad and dessert)

Fried Shinmei chicken

Children’s lunch ¥990

Fried octopus Kara-age ¥880

Udon noodle ¥770

Pickled firefly squid ¥620

Octopus and wasabi ¥620

Steamed egg custard ¥620

French fries ¥620

Edamame beans ¥620

Rice set ¥550

Stewed Japanese
Babylon sea shells

Rice balls
(plum, bonito flakes, kombu seaweed)

White rice ¥260

Drink menu


Draft beer (medium size) ¥800

Bottled beer (medium size) ¥800

- Asahi Super Dry

- Sapporo Black Label Draft Beer

- Kirin Classic Lager

Japanese sake

Warm or chilled (360 ml) ¥1,100

Warm or chilled (180 ml) ¥550

Chilled sake

Fukucho Junmai
Yuzu Lemon Sake (500 ml)

Straight ¥550

With soda ¥550

Kamotsuru Gold Daiginjo
(180 ml)

Kamotsuru Junmai Ginjo
(300 ml)

Seikyo Maboroshi (300 ml) ¥1,750

Ugonotsuki Daiginjo Sake
(300 ml)

(Suntory Kaku bottle)

Water or warm water
or highball

On the rocks ¥850

Yamazaki (12 years)

Water or warm water
or highball

On the rocks ¥2,200


Water or warm water
or highball

On the rocks ¥1,320

Sparkling wine
[Country of origin: Italy]

Gancia Asti Spumante

Gancia Asti Spumante


Half bottle (red or white) ¥850


Lemon or Yuzu or Calpis ¥500

Ume-plum wine

On the rocks or with soda ¥500

Shochu (starch based)

Shiratama Maou 25°
(720 ml)

Shiratama Maou 25°
on the rocks

Shiratama Maou 25° shots ¥2,200

Taikai II 25° (720 ml) ¥7,500

Taikai II 25° on the rocks ¥1,550

Taikai II 25° shots ¥950

Akakirishima (900 ml) ¥4,400

Akakirishima on the rocks ¥750

Akakirishima shots ¥650

Kurokirishima (900 ml) ¥3,300

Kurokirishima on the rocks ¥660

Kurokirishima shots ¥550

Kohi (900 ml) ¥3,300

Kohi on the rocks ¥660

Kohi shots ¥550

Shochu (barley based)

Hyakunen no Kodoku
(720 ml)

Hyakunen no Kodoku
on the rocks

Hyakunen no Kodoku

[Hiroshima local shochu]
Daruma Rokujo Omugi
(900 ml)

Daruma Rokujo Omugi
on the rocks

Daruma Rokujo Omugi shots ¥550

Kurouma (900 ml) ¥3,300

Kurouma on the rocks ¥660

Kurouma shots ¥550

Rice shochu

[Hiroshima local shochu]
Barrel-aged shochu:
Buna no Nenrin (720 ml)

Buna no Nenrin on the rocks ¥990

Buna no Nenrin shots ¥880

We also offer other various types of soft drinks.

Soft drinks

Non-alcoholic beer ¥550

Local Specialty,the Daiwa
Town Oolong Tea (360 ml)

Non-alcoholic Ume-plum wine
(on the rocks or with soda)

Non-alcoholic Yuzu sour ¥450


Calpis soda ¥450

Orange juice ¥450

Coca cola¥450

Ginger ale ¥450

Coffee and English tea

Blended coffee ¥450

English tea (lemon or milk) ¥450

*If you had ordered a gozen set meal, you can order an after-meal drink for ¥250.

Lunch-only soft drinks

Café au lait (hot or iced) ¥450

Matcha au lait (hot or iced) ¥450

American-style coffee ¥450

Mixed vegetables and
fruits juice

Apple juice ¥450

Melon soda ¥450

Ice cream (various) ¥300

Please purchase at the store next to the restaurant.